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Эксклюзивное интервью с Михалом Мадеем (Exclusive interview with Michal Madej)

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Михал МадейSome time ago our team knew chief designer of the The Witcher and online game The Witcher Versus Michal Madej left CDProjekt RED. We immediately decided to find out what happened. Fortunately our fears weren't approved. Michal with gladness agreed to answer some our questions, but asked to mention interview shows just his private thoughts and isn't official TechLand statement.

Hi Michal, unexpectedly we knew you’ve gone from CDPR, what’s happened?
Nothing unexpected or unusual. I was hired at the start of The Witcher project as a designer and I think I did well my job of adapting Sapkowski’s books in the game. The project was finished and I wasn't excited with doing more 'witchers' over the first one as I desired some more new challenges. So eventually my and CDPR future plans started to differ.

Do you like your new job?
Right now I'm working for TechLand - another Polish developer with much more experience than CDP, on the other hand without such a spectacular PR success like "The Witcher" game. In last half a year I managed to take part in finishing Call of Juarez. I'm learning a lot right now, working on completely another genre and experiencing much more freedom than in CDP. Now I can create my own story, world and characters.

Standard question for nowdays: does crisis somehow disturb you in private life, in job?
The crisis has a strange effect on game industry - most analytics predict that game sells will rise, as people prefer to enjoy free time at home watching movies and playing games, so save money instead of traveling and going on expensive holidays. On the other hand many high-risk projects were cancelled so only best games are being developed in next few months. I guess it's overall good for the industry - it will result with better games, and higher sales. Finally, Poland is a lucky European country that suffers the crisis the less because of many economical reasons.

Can you tell us about your plans for the future?
Right now I want to finish my new game. TechLand is compeltely different company from CDP so I think I will be able to develop my skills much more doing many different projects in the future.

What do you think if developing The Witcher for consoles was right decision?
It was excellent decision, if not a late one. Console version should be published no more than a year after original PC release in my opinion. Still I am excited with the way it looks and I'm looking forward to play console version as well. CDPR guys, especially Adam Badowski, did an excellent work with visuals and effects. There are also some design changes because of a new platform but as well because CDPR team learned a lot during previous game.

What do you think about The Witcher 2, will it be announced and developed? If yes, how soon?
Can't answer that question. I'm not CDPR employee anymore and I don't have any official information about that. I hope CDPR will make some announcements about future of The Witcher line soon.

If CDPR asked you to come back, would you do that?
Why should they? I left the company leaving an excellent design team, that I build over years hiring best people in Poland and developing our skills all together. They are best Witcher designers right now, and as long as CDPR doesn't want to create any original IP there is no place for me there.

What is the most important in game designer work?
Designer work is mediation between different parties of designer, gamers and the team. One is the designers Ego and ideas, but it's not the most important part. The most important are gamers - making a game you have to think about them all the time. Finally there is a team, which wants to make "their" game as well. To make a game design that satisfies all of them is the biggest challenge. And always to come to details that can ruin even best looking on-paper concept.

What do you want to wish to your old co-workers?
I wish them all the best. We still keep in touch; there are many of my friends. I never dropped contacts with CDPR, its employees and owners. I hope they won't get hit by the crisis and will carry on with The Witcher line... I wish to play their games and finally be surprised not knowing everything about them :)

And for the end, please, say something wise for our visitors. :)
I really thank for many years of cooperation during which I was working on The Witcher. I hope we can keep in touch even if I will make some other games. I promise they will be at least as good as The Witcher if not better!

Thanks, Michal for you answers and for your great job done for The Witcher. Our team wishes you success in your new company. We will play your new games with pleasure!

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